Carpet Stain Removal Tips for Remodeling Projects

When renovating a home for a quick flip or for your permanent residence, you’ve got to take care of the carpets. In case of a spill or spot on your carpet you should carefully scrape or blot the whole area before using any carpet cleaning products.

As much as possible remove as much of the spilling or spotting before doing so. when you have a new carpet cleaning product that you have never used before, start by testing it on a small portion of your carpet, likely the most inconspicuous spot so that you are sure that the product will work for you. If you do not do this you could either discolor or damage your carpet.

carpetsOnce you are sure that the product is safe, move to the area of the spill or spotting. But do not rub it as this could lead to spreading the ‘accident’ to a larger area of the carpet. A tip is to work your way from the outside of the spill or spot going inward to the center of the spill this will ensure that you do not spread it elsewhere. Work by blotting up as much moisture as possible.

An appropriate and advisable material to dry the moisture is a clean bath towel. It will effectively dry your carpet and also bring your carpet back to its original standing position. In case you feel there is still more moisture on the carpet even after blotting, use a ¾ inch thick towel stack and a heavy object to weigh down the towels so as to suck out all the water.

Let us look at different ways in which you can remove different stains from your carpet. In the Vegas area you can opt for Las Vegas carpet cleaning services or you can do it yourself with a rental machine.

Acid: an acid spill such as vinegar or drain cleaner will require immediate attention. You can dilute the effect of such a stain by using club soda or baking soda and water. After this apply one part of ammonia solution and ten parts of water. Finally rinse the spill using cold water, once it dries vacuum the spot gently.

Alcohol: again, use cold water to dilute the spot immediately. Use a towel to absorb all the excess water. For cleaning, combine one quart of warm water with one teaspoon of mild detergent and one teaspoon of white vinegar. Apply this mixture on the spot and let your carpet to dry. Once dry vacuum the area gently.

Blood: once you have absorbed as much of the blood as possible, mix one quart of warm water with one teaspoon white vinegar and one teaspoon mild detergent. Blot the spotted area with the solution and wait for it to dry. Once dry, apply dry cleaning product on the spot and vacuum gently.

Chewing gum: chewing gum is no joke on your carpet. To remove you first need to harden it by pressing an ice cube against it. Once it is hard enough pull it off.
Butter: first start by scraping the butter from the carpet, then apply dry cleaning fluid to the spot and wait for the carpet to dry. If you notice that the spot is still present apply the fluid again, once removed vacuum your carpet gently.

Cold Climate Replacement Windows

If you live in extreme climates it is important to know what kind of fixtures, windows or doors, you should install in your home. The climate around your locality plays a great role in determining whether or not you should pay extra attention to your fixtures’ performance features. These include things like energy efficiency standard in about all Northern America climate zones.

Building a home in cold climates

When constructing a house in cold climates, you will be met by different challenges. You will be required to not only build a house that must withstand harsh conditions, but you must also consider that the home owners will be indoors most of the time. Therefore the need for a warm, comfortable and healthy environment should be foremost in your plans. Some of the factors that you have to consider include an air tight building which will not lose heat unnecessarily or let in cold air when not needed.

You also need to think about moisture management when dealing with cold climate replacement windows. Your windows should be reliable enough not to hold moisture and damage the rest of the property.

You never think much of windows, most of the time you will think about the door or the roof but the window is always secondary. Once windows are up they are forgotten. But windows are the most accessed parts of a home, they will be used for lighting, to let in fresh air, for passive heat or even for decorative purposes. Cold climate replacement windows represent more than what we have listed. Generally, windows are known to occupy a relatively small part when we talk about the thermal envelope.

However, despite this small proportion windows can greatly contribute to significant heat loss within the home. If the cold climate replacement windows have a low insulation property in relation to their thermal performance of all the other household components then a lot of heat will be lost as a result. Along the same line, good replacement windows can add valuable passive heat to the rest of the house.

Therefore, when you have the right window for the cold season or climate together with the right fixtures you will have maximum efficiency from your house. During winter for example, you require windows that will reduce the loss of heat from your home but the windows will also be reliable enough to let in sunlight.

Insulation Factors

Cold climate replacement windows made with low U-Factors will help keep warm air inside your house and cool air outside. These windows will also be sufficient enough to absorb and retain any energy from the sun. If you want to know, find out about the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). This basically determines the amount of heat that will pass through your glass windows. When shopping, consider windows with a higher SHGC so as to take maximum advantage of the solar radiation around your local area. When you do this you will also be reducing the amount of work your furnace will be doing during winter season.

Wooden and Vinyl Windows in Kentucky

louisville windowsWe would like to offer you a comparison between wooden and vinyl replacement windows in Kentucky. Vinyl windows are made of mostly high quality extruding polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Some types of metals and plastics are also incorporated for the sash mechanism. When compared to wooden windows that are normally wooden on the inside, this is mainly Douglas fir or pine. You can also find replacement window fittings that use exteriors that are wooden but covered with extruding aluminum, fiber glass or PVC.

Window Color Options

When considering the colors or finishing that goes with either vinyl or wood. You can find a number of Louisville replacement windows off the shelf that are mainly white. However, if you buy from a distributor you can get a wide range of colors to choose from. Wood on the other hand has a natural wooden color, it could be stained or it could be painted.

What about the maintenance of wooden and vinyl replacement windows? Vinyl will never require you to paint it or seal for any reason. The catch here is that you can never repaint your windows if you feel you want to try out a new color, you will be stuck with that one color that you chose originally.

Wooden exterior windows however, will require a touch of paint or sealing not just upon installation but all through the life of the wood. Painting wood will have to be a regular event that should be done frequently to avoid wasting of the wood. If your wooden windows have aluminum cladding they will not require painting.

What about the cost

When compared to wood, vinyl is about 25 per cent cheaper, especially in the Louisville market. Wooden windows are more expensive, may be it is because the demand versus the supply of wood can never really match. Or maybe it is because wood is much more beautiful. This price comparison is only for the cost of the wooden and vinyl replacement windows and not the labor cost involved in installing the windows.

What about how your house will look when you are done installing? When compared to wood the general appearance of vinyl can be said to be fair. Initially you could only get vinyl in two colors, white or tan, but with time manufacturers added more variety of colors to enable consumers have a wide selection. In all fairness, the appearance of vinyl has improved with time.

The reason why many people opt for wooden windows (click here) is so that they can have that natural or stained look. A lot of homes in the Louisville region have been upgrading from window to Vinyl in spite of the sleek look of wooden windows. Using a sealer one can have the wooden grain visible for a more natural look.

When it comes to availability however, vinyl triumphs wood because there are many vinyl suppliers as compared to wood. Wooden windows suppliers have been declining with time but this does not mean that the market will shut down. As long as there is demand, there will also be supply of wooden windows. May be this is what makes wood a precious commodity.

Watch the video below that shows how to install vinyl windows

Finding the Best Valued Replacement Windows Tips

Finding the best valued replacement windows in the Cleveland area does not have to be a tedious task if you are not in the construction sector. Before you have your windows replaced it would be useful for you to shop around for the type of windows you want for your house. Even if you are going to hire a contractor to do the work it would still be important for you to be aware of what is in the market.

So as to make consultation with your contractor easier it would make things better if you are speaking the same language. While out you can take some photos of replacement windows that interest you to share with your contractor so he has an idea what you are talking about. Ideally he would also bring along some photos for you to look at. You could also shop around together finding the best valued replacement windows for your house, if you have the time.

Guide to Window Language | Definitions

The replacement window business in the greater Cleveland area has its own language that you also need to understand. Here is a general guide of what they could be talking about:

Double pane windows: are made of two pieces of glass that in between contains an inert gas like argon or krypton. This gas is useful for insulating the windows which works better than air.

Double hung windows: this type can either open from the top or the bottom.

best value replacement window tipsCasements: is easy to operate because it opens with a crank. This makes it quite useful in those hard to reach places like when you have to stretch over the kitchen sink.

Mullions are also known as dividers that can either run horizontally or vertically and give windows that traditional look. The snap out mullion whose other name is the simulated divided lite or SDL makes cleaning quite easy.

Tilt-out windows are excellent when you cannot reach the outside of your windows from inside and you cannot go out to clean them because you can the outside while inside.

Another thing you need to know about finding replacement windows in Cleveland Ohio is that when you buy windows off the shelf they cost cheaper than when you have to buy them customized or with upgrades. Upgrades or customizing includes non-standard features like frame colors, hardware finishing or different glass types, shades or blinds.

Types of available window Glass

Also a window that has high performance and is made from specialized glass makes a window more expensive. For example you want a triple paned window because you live in an extremely cold or hot temperature region, or if you need to increase the impact resistance from wind or hurricanes. This increased cost does not have to discourage you from purchasing the window, you need to consider the cost benefit analysis of buying the window.

If you buy a triple paned window that is always overheated by sunlight will reduce your cooling costs and as a result reduce your energy consumption. By the end of it your replacement window will mean a saving on one end.



DIY Replacement Window Projects

windowsIf you speak to different replacement window contractors most of them will discourage you from taking up a DIY for your window replacement job. They will say that the job is painstaking, it will take a lot of time especially for an inexperienced installer like yourself. This should not discourage you from a DIY replacement window activity for yourself. If you really want customized windows for your home start by digging around your shopping area for one.

You will find that named brands will often tell you that they cannot custom make window sizes for you but if you get an independent company they are more likely to get you what you want. From experience independent companies will not only make different window sizes for you but they will also deliver it to your door.

The process for your DIY replacement window will go something like this: you first start by taking your window measurements and jot them somewhere for when you go to the store. By this time it is also expected that you will have looked around or have an idea of the kind of glass windows you want to work with.

Visit DIY Retail Stores

coastal tours replacement windowsWith your measurements in hand, visit some stores around your area for different opinions. These will help you in deciding the best decision to go with, and when you listen from different people a running them will form in your mind and give you a glimpse of what you are getting into. When you want to get the best deals you should talk to the sales staff who should negotiate with you an agreeable price for your DIY replacement window.

Once you agree with a particular dealer on making a purchase you can ask them to come over to your house to confirm your measurements, this way they should also be able to give you a more accurate measure of your windows. When this is done your windows will be delivered to your door, this could take up to several weeks if it was a custom order.

Do not limit yourself you need to go all out when doing your replacement window research. First consider local companies, find out if they will come and confirm your measurements so that your windows do not let air in because of wrong measurements. Then consider getting a look at contractor’s estimates to see if may be you should hire a contractor.

Sometimes when you start doing something like this you may find that you could be in over your head. If you get to this situation you can think about bringing in a contractor or a highly experienced hand man to help you out. This will not take away any control from you as you will be overseeing the project. If you work with a handy man you could find that there are other things around the house that need doing which he could be useful for. So when your windows are done he could move on to the other parts.